Whats the Difference Between Bail and Bonds?

If you or someone you love has ever gotten into trouble, you probably had to seek bail bondsmen services. However, some people don’t know the difference between these two options. The Youtube video “Bail vs Bond – Differences” has all the details so you can understand the legal system better.

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When you go to court for a criminal arraignment, you plead not guilty and have to talk about bail. Bail is an amount of cash you must pay to ensure that you’ll go back to court at a later date. The actual number will depend on what kind of crime you committed, what state you’re in, and what ties you have in that area such as homes, businesses, etc. You’ll get the money back minus a percentage after your court date.

When you can’t afford bail yourself, you go to bail bondsmen services and get the money so you can pay the court, and still promise to show up. You’ll also have to pay them a fee, which is similar to an insurance premium, so they’ll lend you the money.

You can watch the rest of the video for more information about bail bondsmen services.


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